So many beautiful tulip colors, which one to choose?

Tulip Colors

The tulip colors represent more than you might think. Color not only provides a visual stimulus but also an emotional experience. It influences how we think, feel and behave. We can express our feelings with the colors we choose. Knowing that, it is important to consider the tulip colors when planting in your garden. What do you want to express in your own tulip garden? And when you send someone one of our tulip bulb giftboxes which message do you want to deliver? Which tulip suits which occasion? Read the explanation below and learn what you can express with the colors of the tulips.

Tulip color pink:

There are many shades of pink to describe, from baby pink to lilac and magenta. The color pink combines the power of love in red and the innocence in white. With pink tulips you will express caring, compassion or love. The intensity of the color pink largely determines the feeling it evokes. In a softer form, it can have a calming effect.

Pink Tulips: Tulip Double Sugar Tulip Big Love

Red Tulips:

In nature red is known as a warning and signal color. It is an emotionally intense color and it has a very high visibility. The color red is mostly associated with: energy, strength and determination. Tulips in red represent love, passion and desire. Red can be found in many national flags because it indicates courage.

Red Tulips: Tulip Barbados Tulip Flying Dragon Tulip Promiss

Tulip color purple:

The stability of blue and the energy of red is combined in the color purple. With purple tulips you’ll express royalty and magic. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury and ambition. The color purple is also associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity and mystery.

Purple Tulips: Tulip Backpacker Tulip Night Club Tulip Purple Crystal Tulip San Luiz

Dark purple Tulips:

A mysterious color that is almost black. The color indicates power and authority. With dark purple tulips you will send the message of elegance, formality and mystery. Dark purple is considered a very formal and prestigious color.

Dark Purple/Black Tulips: Tulip Black Parrot Tulip Paul Scherer Tulip Queen of Night

Yellow Tulips:

The color of sunshine! Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, creativity, expectation and energy.  It produces a warming effect, stimulates cheerfulness, mental activity and muscle energy. A real spring color. With yellow tulips you will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Yellow Tulips: Tulip Banja Luka Tulip Burning Flame Tulip Avant Garde Tulip Flashback

Orange Tulips:

The energy of red and the happiness of yellow is combined in the tulip color orange. With orange tulips you will send the message of adventure, luck and strength. Orange also expresses determination, attraction, success and encouragement.

Orange Tulips: Tulip Charming Beauty Tulip Monte Orange Tulip Royal Centennial

Tulip color white:

White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity and virginity. It is considered the color of perfection. Nothing shines brighter than white light. That is why the color is often associated with the divine. White tulips represent new beginnings.

White Tulips: Tulip Snow Crystal Tulip Super Parrot Tulip Affaire

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