Celebrate Spring! The most beautiful tulips in the Netherlands can now be seen in the largest spring garden in Europe, Keukenhof.

Tulip Keukenhof

The keukenhof

Keukenhof is the place in the Netherlands to celebrate spring. In the largest flower park of Europe, near Amsterdam, you can enjoy the ultimate spring feeling. More than 7 million flower bulbs have been planted in the spring park. These can all be seen in the gardens and flower shows. Tulips are central to Keukenhof. More than 800 different species can be found. As many as 100 companies supply the Keukenhof with the 7 million flower bulbs. These are planted from October to December. The Dutch growers show their most beautiful tulips.

The spring garden park

                       The park opened its doors on Thursday 24 March and we were one of the first to enter and what a joy it is to be back in the gardens! It is wonderful to walk around in the park, you smell, feel and see that spring has arrived. The Narcissus and Hyacinths are currently in full bloom and the first tulips can already be seen. The early-blooming tulips, such as Park View, Banja Luka, Monte Orange, Dreamer and Fort Knox already show their beautiful colors. Other varieties come up at ease and give you a spring vibe. The tulips are in full bloom until May. Many of the species you can admire in Keukenhof can also be planted in your own garden. There are many types of tulips suitable for your garden, we think La belle Epoque, Sanne and Promiss are highly recommended!   

Park Theme

                       Every year Keukenhof has a special theme that inspired the designs of the gardens and the flower shows in the pavilions. The theme for 2022 is: Flower Classics. We will consider the fact that flowers have been part of our lives for centuries. Flowers are used as classic symbols in art, architecture and design. The rose for love and the tulip for the new spring! These classics are shown together in Keukenhof; with the tulip as the radiant centerpiece! Each season, the park also features a giant floral mosaic in the theme of that year. This mosaic is also slowly starting to bloom. 

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