Inspiration for your own Tulip Garden

Enjoy the tulip season in your own garden with these garden ideas. Tulips are real spring bloomers, they announce the start of the spring season. When you choose tulip varieties that bloom at different times, you can enjoy your favorite tulips for even longer. To make it easy for you, we have already put together a number of Tulip Season Boxes for you so that you can enjoy the spring feeling to the max!

Tulip Pots

You can put the pots any place in the garden or balcony you like. For example at the front door or on the terrace.

Tulip Trays

Big trays full of tulip bulbs have a huge effect. You can plant bulbs in trays closer together than in the open ground. Use well-draining soil and give the bulbs regularly water during growth.

Tulips in Borders

Improve the soil with organic material before planting tulip bulbs. The bulbs like well-draining soil ans a warm spot in the garden. You can play with tulips with long and short stems to create a playful effect.

Create the WOW-effect

Mass planting looks Marvelous! Create you own mini Keukenhof at you own home.

Tulips as a cut flower

Tulip bulbs are very suitable as cut Flowers. Tulips look beautiful in a vase in your home.