It’s time 4 planting tulip bulbs!

It’s time 4 planting tulip bulbs!

Although autumn has already arrived, it is important to plant tulip bulbs as late as possible in the season. By planting the bulbs late, you reduce the chance the tulips will be affected by the fungus Botrytis tulipae (or fire). Late October or early November is therefore usually the best time to plant tulip bulbs. But even planting in December is possible, we advice to plant the tulip bulbs before December 20. The tulip bulb likes to be planted when the temperature in the ground has dropped and the soil is not too wet. It’s time 4 planting tulip bulbs!

Enjoy the tulip season in your own garden with our garden ideas. Tulips are real spring bloomers, they announce the start of the spring season. When you choose tulip varieties that bloom at different times, you can enjoy your favorite tulips for even longer. Get inspired

How to plant:

Ready to enjoy the beauty of tulips?
There’s no end to the number of ways you can make your garden special. Make sure that the soil in which you are going to plant the bulbs is well drained.

Planting tulips is simple:
Step 1
If you want to make small clusters, dig one hole. When you want to plant individual bulbs, make several small holes.
Step 2
Remove weeds and small pebbles away from the hole. Carefully place the bulbs in the hole with their ‘noses’ facing upwards.
Step 3
Cover the bulbs with soil and when the soil is dry, provide some water.

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