National Tulip Day 2023

January 23rd , National Tulip Day 2023 in the Netherlands.

We were are oh so very, very happy to be on the National Tulip Day 2023 and The official start of the Tulip Season again. Due to the pandemic the last picking garden in Amsterdam was in 2019, 3 years ago. National Tulip day in The Netherlands is traditionally on the 3rd Saturday in January. Tulip Promotion Netherlands makes it possible for everyone enjoying and picking the blooming tulips in a huge picking garden. This year the Museumplein is the place to be for the picking of the tulips. The tulip picking garden will take place for the 10th time. Over 200.000 Tulips, made available by Dutch tulip growers, will be placed on the ‘museumplein’. Ready to get picked by anyone on the square who wants to. The picking garden is accessible for everyone and it’s for free.


The Museumplein is a favorite spot of locals en tourists of Amsterdam. The largest square of Amsterdam is surrounded by all the famous and most important museums of the city. One of them is the famous Rijksmuseum. There are lot of paintings of the great masters of the golden age, including Rembrandt van Rijn. Some tulips are named after the painter, it’s the special play of colors in the flowers that make the tulips special, the flames on the Rembrandt tulips look like a stroke of the brush of the master painter himself. Check our Rembrandt tulips: Helmar and Grand Perfection


Picking your own Tulips is a unique experience! Take a look at these pictures to get an impression of National Tulip Day 2023 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We’ve seen a lot of happy faces!

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