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Bas Romijn: “ I want to introduce everyone to the great range of varieties of the tulip out there and enjoy its beauty.
Joyce Romijn: “ The Tulip, the most famous icon of the Netherlands. Why isn’t this beautiful flower in everyone’s own garden? A bit of colorful happiness, near your own home.”

Bas Romijn:

My grandfather started his own farm growing flower bulbs in 1937, in the middle of the Zilk, the heart of the bulb region. My father and uncles learned the tricks of the trade. Their own flower farm in the Haarlemmermeer grew into a large company that provided ‘the beautiful bunch of tulips on the kitchen table’ for many families in the Netherlands. As a 10-year-old boy, I went door-to-door in my village to sell bunches of tulips and to put a smile on many faces. When I got older I fully participated on the flower bulb farm. I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the bulb fields and among the tulips about growing tulips, the quality of the bulbs and the variety in species. My passion for the tulip became larger than Holland alone. At the age of 24, I started working for one of the Netherlands’ leading flower bulb exporters. For years I have traveled across all continents to be involved with the bulb business. I have shared my passion and knowledge about tulips and how to grow and treat them to achieve the best quality.

Joyce Romijn:

I grew up in the breathtaking bulb region, on the edge of Haarlem, the flower city of the Netherlands. The annual flower parade that drove past us at the end of the street is something I used to look out for during the whole year. The scent of the flowers on the floats is something I can image every moment of the day. The fresh start of spring was ushered in and what feeling is more wonderful than the feeling of spring? Waking up in the morning by the singing birds, the sun that warms your skin again. The tulip fields in full bloom give a glimpse of the beautiful colors that nature has to offer. They are famous all over the world, the Dutch tulips, of course I knew that. I didn’t know that there are so many different varieties of tulips until I met Bas. He surprised me over again with the beautiful shapes and colors of the tulip. That’s when my love for tulips started.

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            We offer you a webshop with only the most beautiful, best and most distinctive tulip varieties. Our goal is to bring this splendor of color to as many gardens as possible, to introduce you to our breathtaking varieties of tulips and to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer us. In the Netherlands we are always looking for the best quality tulip bulbs and the newest varieties. Due to our strong relationship with only the very best and most progressive Dutch tulip bulb growers, Time4Tulips guarantees the best quality products. And we are happy to bring these to your own garden.