Behind the scenes at our tulips photo shoot.

Tulips:ready – Weather:ready – Sunshine:ready – Camera:ready

Behind the scenes of our tulips photo shoot. We are proud to tell you that we’ve filled our website with new photo’s to provide you with pictures that show how beautiful a tulip selection can be at your own garden and home. It takes a lot of patience to get the best shot of our tulip varieties for our website. The biggest challenge of all: the weather. Spring in the Netherlands was filled with rainy days. So a couple of times we were ready to take pictures and start tulips photo shoots at the tulip fields but then there was the rain……. Luckily the tulips stayed patiently waiting in line for us.

While shooting in the tulip fields and in the garden we came with a fantastic new idea! We’ve selected the most beautiful tulips and mixed them together. You can check them out.

And there will be more: Tulips in so many colors and varieties, it is not easy to choose. We’ve made selections of tulips to help you create a beautiful tulip garden, they will soon be uploaded at our website. So stay tuned!

Behind the scenes at our tulips photo shoot: we’ve selected a few pictures: enjoy!

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